Yes And……Israel??


When I took comedy improv classes several years ago, the first thing we learned was “Yes and….”
In other words, no matter what someone says… i.e….if my improv partner says,

“You are a buffoon”

I could say, “Yes and……..  I am honored. Thank you for seeing the true me .”

The other improver might respond, “Yes and…. I feel so close to you. I’m grateful that my Aunt Ginny recognized how much we have in common …”

This scene can go anywhere.

On the other hand, if I said.

“No, I’m not a buffoon! You are!

Well… you see how it could be harder for the improv scene to develop.

Real life sometimes copies comedy.

For months I said, “No, but….” to the international covid closed borders. I was determined to go to Israel, visit my son, and study Judaism. My bags were packed and stashed away for this trip that was going to materialize any minute… I had my tambourine by the door, my vaccinations in order, and a friend all set to move in to my home and take care of my dogs.

As I fought with reality, my scene wasn’t going anywhere. Not only did I not get to wear my favorite clothes (with them all packed away), my life was on hold. As a freelance contractor, I hesitated to accept new jobs lest the borders opened up. I put off making plans, visiting friends, or making any kind of commitment.

Finally, after months of trying to force my round peg into the square hole, I accepted the dismal fact that I couldn’t visit my son overseas and do all the wonderful things I planned. 

I unpacked my Israel suitcase, visited my other favorite son and his treasured fiance in Texas for a fabulous week and accepted a full work schedule. I started having fun again. 

Although the Israel dream trip wasn’t going the way I wanted, I became a Yes to life in the here and now. I remembered to trust Hashem that everything was happening exactly the way it was supposed to. I even started wearing my favorite clothes again! 

As life would have it, the only thing that remains the same, is that things change.

I just got word the restrictions have lifted, and

I’m going to Israel!

Yes and, I believe this timing, rather than my original plan to leave nine months ago, is much better. I am inundated with things to do before I leave. The most important detail  was finding a new someone I trusted to move into my home and take care of my dogs for three months. It’s happened! I’m now taking care of longstanding tasks which have been on the back burner for years.  I really should travel more often because it’s one of the best antidotes to procrastination.

Often the simplest things are easily dismissible and yet provide the biggest impact. When I say to myself Gam zu l’tova (this too is for the good), somehow I lift out of my morass. At the least, I stop digging myself further down. This Israel postponement was certainly not a hardship. Like most people, I have faced my share of real life hardships. It’s taken a lot of struggling with G-d, but I can now say I trust Hashem whether I understand or not.

I will be in touch and share as I learn on this adventure.. Going, going… 

Love Vivi 
p.s. Do you have a “Yes and…” waiting in the wings?  ©

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    • Vivi says:

      Thank you Linda. You are a huge inspiration to me… keep putting one foot in front of the other! I will certainly update and hopefully have much to share from what I learn!💞

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