Which Path Is Yours?

I was listening to a Jewish talk this week from *Mayanot Institute for Jewish Studies about the splitting of the Red Sea and the Jewish people escaping Egypt.

This (parsha) was a big one!

 **According to Torah sources, the sea actually split into twelve paths, not one! Explaining that each of the twelve Jewish tribes have their own way of serving Hashem, we likewise have different ways of connecting to G-d.

This got me thinking…

I try to engage with each path… praying, doing mitzvahs, studying Torah… and the BIG one – being kind to our fellows.

But specifically, do I have a primary path? I love the idea that one path is not better than another.

This idea can be very useful…

Especially when we may be feeling a bit disconnected….

like right now…

It’s been a long week, and without daily classes in Torah (like I had last year at Mayanot at this very time!), it is harder to stay deeply engaged.

And yes,

I DO have primary connection points! The big one? Treating others well. I think we all share that one.

BUT, on point with this teaching… what are my specific personal ways?

I realize, for me there are two.

1. Learning … Torah, Chassidus… in person, online, one on one… all good! 💞

2. Music! 

This second one is kind of missing. I don’t go out dancing like I used to in my 20’s every night of the week! My favorite music back in the day was Motown, disco, and R&B.  Music that really gets me going is high spirited… Is there gospel Jewish music?!?

I will ask Hashem to help me find music that will help me connect to the Jewish world. Below are several pieces that I do find inspiring. The first: A group of young men that sang at “No Fear: A Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People”. (That’s me interpreting sign language in the background 🤟). Next: the gorgeous “Shine a Little Light” by Yitzi Hurwitz. And lastly, the quintessential Miami Boys Choir singing “Yerushalayim”.

But before I do…

What are your ways of connecting with Hashem?  

While you are thinking about it, (and please share your thoughts in comments below!), here are these videos for your enjoyment.

Now I am totally inspired. Thank you for giving me reason to explore this!

What inspires you? Which road is yours?? 

I would love to hear. 🤗 

Love, Vivi  ©💃🏻

* The talk was given by Rivka Marga from Mayanot Institute for Jewish Studies on Pasha B’shalach 5783 … (Available on Spotify!)

** Targum Yonatan on Exodus 14:21; Midrash Shocher Tov 114; Pirkei D’Rabbi Eliezer 42.

*** “No Fear Rally” singers: Soloists: Adam Landa, Noah Bar-Shain, David Charendoff Beatboxer: Nadiv Panitch Additional vocals: Meir Kreitman

**** “Shine A Little Light” by Yitzi Hurwitz

***** The Miami Boys Choir “Yerushalayim” 

****** See also Tehilla’s talk on this Torah Portion: Beshalach 

Photos: Canva.com


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