When it’s hard to get back up…

Dear Friends,

Today I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to get dressed, take a walk, call and check on a friend,  make lunch. The heaviness of the pain feels too much.


Today’s the day when, from this place of discouragement, I call out to Hashem anyway. I sit with Hashem and practice this new “medication.”   (** See Heartbreak and Hope…  with a short excerpt below.)  

“Take approximately five moments a day, each lasting 30 to 60 seconds, to focus and concentrate exclusively on Hashem, His relationship with us, and the fact that He is our true reality….During and within our 30 seconds focus, this is what is happening, Hashem is actually dwelling within…us…”

When we feel numb, or worse, and we cry out, or even eke out a doubtful prayer… from that place.. the heavens are stormed.

The doubts and fears themselves become powerful tools of transformation.

I don’t see the transformation yet Hashem. Please Hashem soon… very soon.

I offer a blessing that we shall know everlasting peace and unity, love of each other, love of Torah, love of Hashem, and a blessing that goodness is fully revealed, Sela.

Love Vivi רָחֵל

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2 thoughts on “When it’s hard to get back up…


    Dear Vivi:

    This idea that “the doubts and fears themselves become powerful tools of transformation” is so helpful and encouraging. You’re right – just having the courage to be in the feelings is a stepping stone to greater enlightenment. How can I see more light when I insist on shutting my eyes?

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