Hello, I was going to put off publishing this blog, indefinitely. The blog was just a twinkle in my eye, nowhere near ready for public consumption.

But in thinking about our current situation and asking myself what can I contribute, I noted I have precious few skills I can offer online.  Not the greatest chef, gardener, technician, no legal expertise to share…Then I remembered, oh there’s this little blog I’ve been writing, for the past year, in private, which might be ready for public viewing, in say, 2028? 

I realized, now is my time to share my little corner of the world with you. Getting right down to it:


*  Help people reconnect and become happy (or happier) in their Judaism.

*  Help people of any (or no) religion reconnect with their inner core/inner light.

Vivi’s Jewish Adventures tells the story of how I came to fall in love with my Jewish roots. My readers are anyone who would like to feel happier in their own roots, whatever those may be. I use the colorful people and events from my personal life, plus my struggles and what I’ve learned, as a hopeful spark for others. I was graced with amazing, interesting, funny characters in my life. Sometimes what comes with interesting people also includes challenges. I am probably also an interesting character myself.

Please come visit – all are welcome!

I hope to tell stories that open my heart to yours, that ripple the grace I’ve received outwards, and that spread forward from you too.

It rippled:

from others

to me

to you 

and will ripple 

from you 

to others

to other others…

As a by the way, with all my researching, questioning and person to person interrogations, I should have a PhD in how to become comfortable with being Jewish.  I’ll consider this my dissertation. Fortunately, there is no graduation. Judaism now lights my life from the inside out. I am happier and more connected with people of all beliefs, than I ever was all those years that I thought this would pull me apart from others.

One other bookkeeping point before I begin. Originally, I was going to post this in chronological order. I’ve completely thrown that idea overboard.  I jump around from present to past to theory to ancient tale. You’ll see. Please join me as we go deep into one woman’s experience which could be any woman’s.  ©

Love, Vivi Emoji

p.s. I love your comments. Please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences under ANY post. It would be wonderful to get to know you a bit, and for readers to get to know each other. 💖