We plan, G-d laughs (Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht)   Old Yiddish proverb

My plan for this week’s blog was to sing “Oseh Shalom” and make an ASL (American Sign Language) translation. I thought it would be an easy slam dunk… but somehow, this seemingly simple prayer/song has had me stumped. At 2:00 am this morning, I was still not happy with my singing and ASL rendition.

Frustrated and ready to keep pushing, I suddenly laughed realizing… oh my gosh, I have this other song, done, finished and ready to go!

Completely unrelated to Vivi’s Jewish Adventures, I had recorded “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” for my friend who runs a pre-school just a day earlier. 


It fits here! I mean… G-d, trust, love, caring, that whole thing?

I made it for children, though I think it can also be appreciated by the “big kid” in us! 😉

The song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” was authored by an unknown African American individual or group of individuals and passed down orally through the generations. It is believed to have been originated during the devastating era in U.S. history…the time of slavery. Perhaps these men and women, enslaved and stripped of their rights, sang to personally inspire their own and their fellow’s hope. The song endured and became a popular song today. 

Trust, a leap in faith when conditions are hard or dire as in the case of this song’s origin, is something with which we must grapple. Whether it be on the largest scale as in war or slavery, or on the very personal scale of a loved one’s illness, it is not easy.

I am inspired by other’s faith. Seeing others who’ve faced very painful circumstances… seeing them hold tight to their beliefs and trust… that is what has brought me over my own personal threshold. I’ve travelled from fear and rejection to a firm foundation and trust in G-d.

Music also lends something other worldly to our hopes. Why does music strike such great emotion and sometimes even a deep soulful connection to something bigger than ourselves? I usually take for granted that it just does. But what is it?

Coming 180 degrees, my ASL/ children’s version of this spiritual song is lighthearted and happy. I appreciate mixing the sacred with fun. I find it attractive to look at life and G-d that way. If I’m going to be involved with G-d, I definitely appreciate a sense of humor. Chemistry, a draw to another, is important in all relationships, even friendships. So, for my biggest relationship, the one with my Creator, thank Goodness, we have humor.

I sometimes say when things go wrong, G-d sure has a sense of humor! I can do that when the circumstances are not extremely serious. Regarding the more serious things, I know I’ve crossed a line in healing when I can laugh at a past hurt.

Going forward, I’m planning lots of fun things… I hope when G-d laughs, I still get to do MY plans! 

In any event, I trust G-d that however it goes, it’ll be for the best.  ©

Love, Vivi

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Whole World Video on YouTube, Live music Photo by Clem Onojeghuo, Laughing girl Photo by Jordan Rowland , Cover image created on Canva.com 

* STUNNING YouTube Video of Whole World by various musicians, Article: The Soul of Music in Meaningful Life Center

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