Vulnerable, JEWISH, And Happy

Happy Sukkot!

I learned this year that Sukkot is the holiday of happiness!

With self-examination during the month of Elul, extensive teshuva (making amends for our wrongdoings) after that, re-connecting with G-d in all our frailties during Rosh Hashanah, and then finally on Yom Kippur, fasting and asking forgiveness of Hashem, we come to this time to be fully JOYFUL!

While sitting in the sukkah enjoying a meal with members of my community on Sunday evening, I made the decision to be happy. It needed to be a deliberate decision because my family recently lost a beloved family member… and…

it is a mitzvah to be happy on Sukkot.

What a surprise. I didn’t know we could actually make this decision so simply, but, the evening became magical in the most real of ways.

With that, below are two short videos. In the first, I speak in American Sign Language with a spoken English voice-over translation, and in the second, I offer the same message in spoken English. It is about… you guessed it… vulnerability and ... happiness!

Rosh Hashanah marks the new year on the Jewish calendar, I offer each of you a blessing that all of your dearest wishes come true. This year. 5783. Very soon.

With love, 
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