To Love Another Jew


Happy New Year, Shavua Tov… wishing all of you a sweet, blessed, joyful New Year! Filled with your heart’s desires.

I originally started this blog to share with you the beauty I found as I delved into Judaism…It’s been a long road …  but in a nutshell I went from being VERY NOT happy I was Jewish… 

to leading an observant happy Jewish life. It’s been about a 20 + year journey since I first opened my mind.

I am now frum. Lol.

I got “OFF THE FENCE”, stopped debating and analyzing, and made a decision. I am a Jew who lives by the Torah. What more is there to say?

 (looking for happiness in  parties, dancing…)  

(me now, with my youngest son who has also become observant)


I tend to be one who is not short on words…. so…..  what’s next?

An Invitation 
(to a really good party)

I invite us, me included, to open up to the idea of loving our fellow Jew.

We Jews have a lot of arguments. We disagree on politics, social issues, observances, orthodoxy, secularism, and even whether the cholent should be meat or parve.

Yet… from my Torah understanding, this is our call….K’lal Yisrael. We are one.

I just learned that Yom Kippur in Hebrew is “Yom Ha-Kippurim”.  The “im” at the end indicates plural. This plural dimension shows that it is not just my own personal atonement to G-d that is important, but we are all in this, together. We ask in our prayers for Hashem to forgive each of us. K’lal Yisroel.

More-so, as I plead with Hashem to forgive my wrongdoings, I am also asked to forgive others. We learn that perhaps Hashem’s forgiveness of us may be reflective of how we forgive others.

The Challenge

You think this is easy? Heck no! But I believe it’s the truth.

How can we….?

Well, there is the spiritual principle I have learned. Our souls are all one. Our souls do not harm, hate or cause division. This is who we truly are. To hate another is to hate ourselves – we are all one.

The practical question…  Deep spiritual principles aside, how can I begin to love, like, or simply accept that pesky person who thinks so differently than me? That Jew who sees things opposite than I do… even perhaps things I think are extremely wrong?!!

Perhaps for starters, I will try 


The next time I encounter a person who thinks differently than me, I will try not to argue. Nor make even a little comment to push my way of thinking. I can just try politeness. It doesn’t  mean I don’t feel strongly about what I believe, or that another time I won’t voice my opinion … but maybe, just the next time, I can keep my opinion to myself…AND… identify to myself something positive about the person. AND… maybe even, even, do something nice for this next person with whom I disagree.

I think that’s enough for today…. 

I will try this for a week.

And if I notice anything special, I will report back.

Happy Sweet New Year one and all.

Love, Vivi 

p..s. It’s National Son’s Day… so I can’t resist… 


(Younger son before frum!)                    (Older son – A strong Pintela Yid!)

Photos from (except of course the family shots) 😌

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