Well now….

I am not in a party crowd. I LOVED parties in my 20s and 30s. But now, I like getting together with friends for a walk, a meal, exercise, music, the beach…Oh yeah, and I love to dance, and sing!

And yet, funny, but after years of no parties, I was just invited to THREE parties in the next few weeks.

Guess what? 

They’re all on Shabbos.

You know? … No driving … the holy day of rest?

And this means? I’m not going. ☹️

I just started observing Shabbos.

Just!…. Four weeks ago! So, G-d, who I call Hashem, has a good sense of humor. I’m sure Hashem likes a good party too. But… this is just how it falls out.

I spoke with a friend who became Shabbat observant in her 30’s and she shared that these little episodes are tough. It’s a time of transition, from mainstream U.S.A. living to mainstream U.S.A with some Jewish observance.

And yet, I am excited. While we love what we get from our relationships, we get soooo much from what we give. I feel like I am strengthening my relationship with Hashem. I am giving. I am giving up a social event (a few) that I’d like to attend.

It’s been said, we often strengthen our bonds to people, even to animals, when we give to them. When I first began dipping my toes in Judaism about twenty years ago, I remember a woman saying to me I needed to …blah blah blah (do this or that, or follow this law or that observance). The Rabbi’s wife interrupted and said, “Vivi is new to this. It is not time for her to give. She needs to just receive right now.” I liked that! Haha. I didn’t have to think of sacrificing anything, making it hard on myself, nothing. Just enjoy the gettings. :)

Well now…

It’s time to give. I have received so much from Judaism and from Hashem, it excites me to give up something I want to do, for G-d. Observing this holy day of rest with family, close friends, Hashem, prayers, naps ☺️, and just stopping.

I know from experience, the gift I am going to get back from G-d is beyond what I can hope or imagine. 

To add to the giving, my 21 year old son invited over a “party” for Shabbat dinner. Fifteen people, eighteen people? I don’t know. I said yes. I’m a little nervous about the preparations, but he said he would help. I love hosting his friends for Shabbat dinner. A bunch of 21 year old young men, most of them not Jewish, and they participate and share in our Jewish tradition. Add to that a few neighbors and friends from the Shul.

After the frenetic last moments before Shabbat candles are lit, whatever was not done, remains undone. For 25 hours. Calm rises.

Planting seeds, we have no control over the gorgeous flowers popping through the dirt and their bloom.

Likewise, inside, a peace  and delight is growing over which I have no control. 

Love, Vivi 💖  ©

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Cover photo and music short from, Woman/child Photo by Paolo Bendandi, Flower Photo by corina ardeleanu

2 thoughts on “THREE PARTIES and Shabbat

  1. Brian Block says:

    I know that if my party was on any other day besides Shabbos afternoon, you would have been there. Fortunately I didn’t have to drive anywhere to get to my own party. And we knew you were here in spirit. There’s still a delicious piece of chocolate raspberry birthday cake waiting for you in our freezer – YUM!

    • Vivi says:

      Hi Brian, Yes- you were perfectly situated in the right time and place for your party! I would have loved to help celebrate your birthday! I’ll take a raincheck on the cake. :)

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