The KING Is In The Field

So my brain is a bit fried.  

Tired a little?  

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Dear Friends, Here is a quick update for new readers. I just had a whirlwind move. After living in my (former) house for 21 years, I decided to sell the house, sold it, gave away 80% of my possessions, AND, all in under two months, I moved. So here I am deliriously happy in my new apartment, AND exhausted with a bit of fried brain.

Now for the good stuff. AND, I need to be brief. It’s past my bedtime. 😲

The King Is In The Field?

It is the month of Elul, the month just before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This year, in addition to the move and all, I squeezed in learning for the first time what the High Holidays preparations are about. It is actually quite thrilling.

A quick context…. Rosh Hashanah marks the Jewish New Year. The sixth day of Creation… when G-d created man and woman. On this day, every year, we coronate Hashem as our King. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are considered so holy that most Jewish people, even if they do not go to Synagogue any other day during the year, attend on these High Holidays.

I did not go to Shul even on theses High Holidays when I was growing up.

So… if even I am drawn in…. 

there is hope for anyone 🥹.

Elul and The King:

There is a metaphor of the King being in the Field during the month of Elul. This idea was  first expressed by Rabbi Schneur Zalman, the founding spiritual leader of Chabad-Lubavitch. The following month of Rosh Hashanah, the King (Hashem) is back in the Royal Palace in all his majestic glory. That is when millions of Jewish people around the world flock to Synagogue.

In Likkutei Torah, a collection of his Chassidic talks, Rabbi Zalman, known as the Alter Rebbe, offers this parable:

Before a king enters his city, its inhabitants go out to greet him and receive him in the field. At that time, anyone who so desires is granted permission (and can) approach him and greet him. He receives them all pleasantly, and shows a smiling countenance to all . . .

During a class on the Alter Rebbe’s discourse, Esther Shemtov, a teacher at Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, asks the question:

Where exactly is this field?


That’s EXACTLY what I’d like to know!!!

Listening at home on Spotify, I glibly answered for myself…. Everywhere! In your car, in your closet, at the office, at the gas station. During the month of Elul, the King is accessible in our mundane everyday lives, everywhere! Everywhere we are. 


I learned,

there is a lot more to it.

We meet the King…

Yes, in our every day lives…

but more precisely,

inside ourselves!

We have inside of us, that point of infinity, that spark of G-d…
that unbounded connection in our soul.

We meet the King right here.

That is how he is SO accessible.

Further the Alter Rebbe tells us, 

Yes, the King is accessible. But WE need to make the effort. We have the spectacular opportunity to go greet the King. And when we make the effort, he will make it easier for us to bond. 

I’ve learned these steps:

1. Increase Tzedakah (charity)  
2. Increase Tefillah (prayer)
3. Choose a middos (character trait) to work on  (I chose going to sleep earlier.)

I never knew Elul or even Rosh Hashanah could be this exciting.

To keep to #3, I must say now, Laila Tov. Good night.

But first… I’ve MISSED you! It feels soooo good to be back with you again. 💗

L’Shana Tova!
Have a sweet and beautiful New Year.
May your heart’s desires come to be. 💞

Love, Vivi   

To Be Continued…

What are your thoughts/traditions on the High Holidays? I LOVE to hear your perspective and experiences! AND Please feel free to share any story on your social media. 💞

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  1. Susanne Katchko says:

    Beautiful- especially the part about Hashem being inside of us. Thanks, too, for giving some suggestions on how to draw closer to the King!

    Shabbat shalom – I so appreciate your journey and how you are sharing it with us, with so much willingness and appreciation for all you are learning!

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