THE JUNKYARD BAND: hi, hello, what’s up?

I am so excited! I lost, for decades, a video I made with a friend over thirty five years ago. It was a happy video featuring The Junkyard Band. I was delighted to recently see these musicians on Facebook. They are STILL actively performing! I think I recognize some of the men who were then little boys when Randi (Barros) and I made this video back in the day. 

I found the original video, “19th and M”! You can watch for yourself and see what is so happy about it. It was 1985. Randi and I, young 20 something video aspirers, were both taken with the explosive energy these talented young boys brought Friday nights to a downtown D.C. street. We joined forces and made a video showing how people of all ages and backgrounds can come together with the right catalyst. It was a music “doc”. Nothing was staged. The Junkyard Band enlivened a faceless, cold rush hour with human connection.

While writing about the Junkyard Band, I considered how the video might connect with Vivi’s Jewish Adventures. What comes up is the oneness that underlies us all. The Junkyard Band uplifts us and inspires our coming together, if even for a brief time, as one.

35 years later, the Junkyard Band is still blowing it up in the best way. Check them out on at ©

Love, Vivi 💞


P.S. I offer a HUGE thank you to *Interface Video, Tom Angell, and the entire 1980’s D.C. video community who donated time, equipment, and a 6000 watt light to facilitate this shoestring project! Thank you to the District of Columbia who cut through reams of red tape and SHUT DOWN 19th and M Streets on a Friday night! Thank you to the gentleman who serendipitously made a surprise video guest appearance! You’ll see – think balloons. Little did he know what magic he would bring to this unknown project. And of course, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the JUNKYARD BAND.

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JUNKYARD BAND “19th and M”
Randi Barros  (Film Screenwriter/Editor and Co-director of “19th and M”)      (*Interface Video is now Interface Media Group)

6 thoughts on “THE JUNKYARD BAND: hi, hello, what’s up?

  1. Mark Collins says:

    I’ve posted the video on several sites. My DC kids/students were big JYB devotees and so I posted and shared that on our Jr. High Alumni site. (They have families now. No longer kids.) Also on a DC site where the Balloon Man pops up in photos, on going folk lore; but not live ! WOW! Great article. Reminds me of why I am so proud of DC and moved back after 10 years in exile in NY/NJ. Be safe. Take care.

    • Vivi says:

      Thank you SO much Mark! I am so happy you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing it too! A DC site where the Balloon Man pops up? That’s interesting! I’m curious. That was a magical time in DC. And now the JYB is still performing, creating new magic. Once things return to normal, I’m sure DC will have a wellspring of creativity spring up! Thank you again for your inspiring comment and for sharing the video/article!!

  2. Moe Shorter says:

    ViVi !!!!!
    It is wildly insane how the internet and social media can connect people. It is equally insane how 2 weeks ago I referenced the video and now you re-appear. It has been over 30 years since we last talked.

    Your video has been referenced so many times over the years since 1985. People always ask “who made that video” (especially those in the business of docs). I always tell people your names but i did not know how to contact you. It has run in the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum as part of a Go-Go exhibit and has also run during Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival. (I have consulted a couple of times with the festival.)

    You probably do not have A CLUE as to how popular that video is. It has a cult following. LOLOL!!!

    Would love to see both you and Randi when we get COVID behind us and would definitely like to have you as guests at a special show. The world needs to see who brought this video concept to life.

    Also, I see from your expressions in this blog that you still have that same life-loving, people-loving spirit you had 35 years ago. You just embrace everyone! We have to connect.

    Moe Shorter, Mngr Junkyard Band

    • Vivi says:

      THANK YOU MOE!! I am sooo happy to see your comment. It is a huge compliment for the JYB to appreciate our video. It’s not a given that people will like the rendition someone else makes of them. I am deeply happy you and others like it, and also grateful for your support on my new project, Vivi’s Jewish Adventures. I think I’ll take a cue from the JKB and go with “VJA” as a shortcut! So happy to hear from you. and I can’t wait to come see the JYB live!

    • Vivi says:

      I feel the same way Mark, They get me charged up every time I watch! I Love how they lead the audience and bring connection. They make me so happy. Thanks for your comments!

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