The JEWISH Story: Forbidden Fruit (#5)


Hello, Day 368 of  frenzy!

Not really, but it kind of feels that way. Balagan in  Hebrew –   fiasco in English, a wild ride from my perspective! 🙂

I moved last Sunday to my new place but am at my old house right now getting a leak fixed that just came up! Three more  days and I am fully officially moved!

Here is a super short intro from me followed by a wonderful lovely teaching from Tehilla as she continues Genesis, with Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! (part 4 here in case you missed it.

** SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETATION COMING! After the balagan calms just a bit 🙂 

Tehilla’s Voice on TORAH, The Forbidden Fruit (#5)
**ASL coming soon

And that’s a wrap folks! See you next week. 


Love, Vivi and Tehilla. ©

Born and raised in Israel, Tehilla is deeply connected to Israel’s soil and spirit. She is a sought after teacher of Jewish studies and current events, currently teaching at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies as well as the at the Eshel program for Jewish women in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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