THE JEWISH STORY: The Intro… in spoken English & ASL #1


Tehilla’s Voice On Torah

Back Story

I’ve shared with you how utterly happy and blown away I was by the teachers, students, program, and of course the Torah itself at Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

The experience was extraordinary; a deep quiet peace permeated the room and I felt a humble reckoning that I was sitting in Truth.

Tehilla is a beloved teacher at Mayanot and now a friend as well. She taught Nevi’im, the book of Prophets (i.e. Isiah, Samuel) this past winter. I was on the edge of my seat each week because not only are these Torah stories equivalent (or better than ❤️) the biggest blockbuster movies, Tehilla’s teachings brought them to life as if they were happening right now and we could touch them.

Tehilla has agreed to share these teachings with us! I am beyond excited to share her voice with you. 

Let There Be Light

Rather than jump into the middle of Jewish History, Tehilla will bring us back to the very beginning. Listen and watch as Judaism, Torah & History come TO LIFE in Tehilla’s weekly five minute stories starting with “Let there be light” in the Bible. You will feel as if you can actually touch these experiences in daily life as Tehilla shares with us!

FYI, for the next few weeks I will take a short break from sharing my own Jewish adventures as we focus on Tehilla’s telling of Judaism’s history. I will be back with more of my own Jewish adventures soon, as well as continue to share Tehilla’s Torah stories.

American Sign Language

The recordings will also be interpreted into American Sign Language for Deaf viewers. To clarify as you watch, you will be HEARING Tehilla’s voice while you see ASL on camera. 

TODAY is WEEK ONE and Tehilla begins with a general introduction. For sure, more will be revealed!!


Love Vivi (aka Raquel רָחֵל )  

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