The JEWISH Story: Am I my brother’s keeper “Continued” #7

Dear Friends,

Shabbat Shalom!

Tehilla continues here with “Part 2” of Cain and Abel’s story in the Torah. “Part 1” is linked here.

You will be hearing Tehilla’s lovely voice and seeing my ASL translation of her teaching.

I hope to be back before candlelighting tonight with a brief share about my life on the move!

I offer each of you a bracha (a blessing) for joy, health, and your heart’s desire! 🥰

Love, Vivi רחל and Tehilla תהילה ©

Born and raised in Israel, Tehilla is deeply connected to Israel’s soil and spirit. She is a sought after teacher of Jewish studies and current events, currently teaching at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies as well as the at the Eshel program for Jewish women in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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