The Jewish Story: “Am I brother’s keeper?” (#6)

Hello Friends,

Tehilla today talks about Cain and Abel and poses a very unusual question. It’s really the age old question… standing at the threshold of trust…. In G-d.

Spoiler alert …

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Tehilla’s shows how this question might go all the way back to Cain and Abel. 

And here’s Tehilla! Shabbat Shalom! ❤️. 

Love, Vivi and Tehilla  ©

P.S. Last week and this week’s talks will have ASL interpreting added soon!

P.P.S. I miss sharing my own antics with you! I just moved after 21 years in the same house… to a smaller, but very happy, apartment. Near my shul! I hope to return soon with more of my own Jewish adventures as I settle into this wonderful upheaval!

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