Humility. So elusive.

I want it. Then just when I think I have it, I’ve lost it by the pride I’ve garnered from thinking I’ve attained it!

Much wisdom has already been written on this subject.

I’ll try to keep it exceedingly simple.

It’s coming up because I’ve recently been reevaluating my work. My writing, my sign language interpreting, my whatever. Wanting it to be “great” and afraid it’s not. I realized, that’s not the question! The question is of integrity. Am I qualified to do what I do? If yes, that’s all I need to know. I don’t have to be (and I’m not) the best nor am I the worst. I need to be qualified.

I just read an article with an interesting perspective linking humility with not judging others until I’ve walked in their shoes. That “not judging” thing is another tough one. These simplest of concepts are so very difficult to actually live.

If, as humility would have it, I am not thinking so much about myself, then it follows I would not think OR spend a lot of time judging others. Unless I’ve walked in their shoesall the way back to hour number #1, their birth, OR even their conception, how can I know what I might do if I were them?

Regarding “Keeping it exceedingly simple”, I think I’m failing.

I’ll settle for keeping it short!

If I find myself judging others, I will remind myself of this: 

Inherent in humility is realizing I cannot know. Just as I cannot fully know G-d, I cannot fully know the purpose and whole of another person.

As far as my own thinking that I am better or worse than others, I can remind myself G-d gave me a purpose, gave them a purpose, and it’s not mine to know the impact of their or even my own work.

What’s left?

Just do it. And keep on doing.  ©

 Love, Vivi

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