Slogging Through (with a dash of Grace?)

Hey all, 

I’m beat (tired). Last night I was up until 4:00 am completing some pressing work due this morning. Of course I was wound up a bit; I tried not to notice when the sun rose and I was still not asleep, though at this point I was really trying!


I am nervous these days about the outcome of something important to me. As I was going into a meeting on this topic (with my anxiety rising), I quickly remembered G-d, and said a short prayer! Yes, the same oldie but goodie. G-d, I give this ALL to you. Please give me the willingness and clarity to be of service. And the strength.

I baulked a little thinking, Really?!? What about what I want? And is it a real prayer if I don’t really mean it?

I decided, yes it is, because I AM asking to do what G-d wants whether I want to or not. Much of the anxiety dropped away. I was relieved thinking it was going to turn out the way it’s supposed to.

After doing this same prayer for days, weeks, and now years, I have at least a dash (or more) of trust.

This is where the Grace comes in.

The Life Changing Magic Of Good Manners

I was nice to everyone! To the people who were driving too slow in the fast lane, to the people who gave me wrong information on important matters (they didn’t mean to), towards the supermarket customer who held up the line to get “one more thing”, and the various anonymous people whose paths crossed with mine. 

The spectacular thing is an Amazon Customer Service Rep wrote me an email after I requested a refund for items I didn’t receive. She said, “I am very grateful for the warmth you displayed on the call. It was indeed a pleasure helping you today.” 

Like maybe she says that to everyone, but I’m running with it! 

Never underestimate the value of a simple prayer AND simple courtesy…even if you feel like you’re just slogging along

Love, Vivi רָחֵל  ©

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