Shabbat And Science??! Recap #5


Well, well, well. I heard something today that I could say, finally, I got that covered! 

A doctor on the radio was talking about the constant bombardment of input that many of us receive daily. Traffic, internet, bills, television, shopping, etcetera. She said this constant input creates a low level stress response… and we rarely get a break. The body cannot distinguish so well between a true threat versus daily anxiety. As these mini decisions and sensory overloads come streaming in, our fight or flight response can be triggered. This of course, creates stress in our bodies.

I count myself as an internet overuser and a plate overloader. I juggle between all of life’s interesting possibilities and ongoing daily responsibilities. Organization, including time management is not my strength. 😲


Once a week, for 25 hours, I now, newly, receive a break. 

Of course I am talking about Shabbat. 

I could wax poetic about the subtle uplift I receive from shutting it all off… the at-home-ness and peace experienced by simply accepting and carrying out the fourth of The Ten… (meaning The Ten Commandments!)

Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

But I won’t talk about that just now.

Just for now, I will revel for a moment. Having faced certain challenges organizing my desk and my garage and not being a good meditator either, I am a little shocked that this Shabbat observance is happening in my life.

Time gets lifted out of the equation for just one glorious day. The amygdala gets a break and even science gives a shout out. 

Without further ado, the following stories tell how I made the unlikely switch from ongoing activity to an island in time.

THE SABBATH QUEEN: our first Shabbos

TOES IN THE WATER: Mitzvahs in the sand

SHOMER SHABBOS: can I do it?




It’s been about two or three months now since I began observing Shabbat. Occasionally, like right after you sign a contract on a new house, I say to myself, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!”

Then I take a deep breath, calm my amygdala, and remind myself to trust. Utilizing a soft take on the scientific method:  “Question, Research, Form Hypothesis, Test With Experiments, Analyze Results, Communicate the Results”
I can definitively say my post Shabbat living is richer and lovelier than my prior decades of conventional seven day weeks . The “settledness” is beyond description. My body takes a deep spiritual breath knowing that EVERY WEEK there is a day to stop. This is only based on what I experience and can perceive. I must add that what I don’t know about the gifts and rewards are, I believe, beyond what we can hope or imagine.

Here are a few mini videos highlighting my first weeks Making The Seventh Day Holy.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. If I don’t know the answer (which is not unlikely!)… I will research and share what I learn.

Shabbat Shalom,


Love to you, 💞
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