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Today I said Psalms. Psalm 20. I never believed or was very interested in Psalms. Growing up, on a scale of one to ten in terms of Torah knowledge, I’d say I was about a one or maybe at most a two (the lowest amounts on the scale.) The psalms? I wasn’t sure if they were Jewish, Christian, both, neither? It was kind of confusing.

My son is in Israel right now. On my social media screen, the skies light up and look almost like shooting stars; actually it’s Israel’s iron dome protecting her civilians from rocket fire.

Hashem bless my precious son and keep him and everyone safe during this frightening time. May this war end swiftly.

He called yesterday and asked me to recite Psalm 20. Of course I did. Then I did something which is still reverberating.

I recited it in Hebrew (yesterday and today).

Understand please that I am just *learning to read Hebrew – using the “Aleph Champ” method  developed for little bitty kids. It’s working great. It follows a “karate” colored belt system and I think I’m on green –  learning letters and words, not sentences yet.  

It took about one and a half hours yesterday, and about one hour today to read the single Psalm in Hebrew.

And yet… despite the academic struggle, my eyes going blurry, losing my place over and over…

A profound peace occurred. Inside me, outside, all around. So much so, that while I was sitting outside bent over my little phone trying to read the small Hebrew print, every person that walked by commented on this. Please also understand I have sat outside around this same group of neighborhood acquaintances for twelve years, and no one has ever randomly called out that I look peaceful.

I believe so strongly – this is the power of the Psalms rising. May it be G-d’s will that peace spreads throughout the world. And please Hashem, cover Israel with Peace. 

As far as the title goes, “turn turn turn… my wonderful friend Reggie gently reminded me that when I get scared, turn my face to G-d.

Bless all of you. May you be safe, secure and have your heart’s desires.  

Love, Vivi 💖. ©

p.s.  Here is a link to Psalm 20  in Hebrew and English from  Chabad.org. “Tehillim – Psalms – Chapter 20”

*Hebrew lessons: Hindy Deitsch, Judaic and Hebrew Teacher. Virtual learning available. Email at hindyrdeitsch@gmail.com. 

Cover bird photo and others by canva.com,  Litttle girl photo by Caroline Hernandez

6 thoughts on “turn turn turn

  1. Harriet Weiss says:

    These are scary times. We all need to pray in every language we know. I’m thinking of you snd your din every day.,

  2. Linda Disselkamp says:

    This was Sarah’s Torah portion for her Bat Mitzvah. She has done some research on it – you should talk to her about it.
    Keeping your son in our prayers.

    • Vivi says:

      I would love to speak with her about it. Thank you too for your prayers. Hashem willing, we will see peace very soon. Shabbat Shalom to you and your family.

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