I Failed My Identity Test!

Hello Friends,

Trust me when I say ‘it’s been a week”.  To give you an idea of these upside down few days… I had a business transaction on Tuesday and after I signed the required forms virtually, I got a notice saying,  “You failed your identity test!” Is that even possible? Yes. And the week went on like that.

I am not going to bore you with details, and now since we are running into Shabbat, I need to stop writing in just a minute.

But a quick look forward (and recap): The plan had been to begin our exciting new venture… which is…

My dear friend and teacher from Israel, Tehilla, will regularly share with us (IT WAS SUPPOSED TO START RIGHT NOW!)  five minute audios on the history of Judaism. These recordings will be interpreted into American Sign Language for Deaf viewers too. I will just add, while learning from Tehilla at Mayanot Jewish Institute this past year in Jerusalem, I was on the edge of my seat AND so totally and soulfully drawn in. Tehilla brings history to life; our 3300 + year old stories became vitally relevant even today in 2022.

BUT…I have yet to figure out the technical obstacles  😱 … so….


or really


One food for thought. Yes, I failed my virtual identity test! 🫢 I’ve been running in 20 different directions… 

My mom would say about herself, “If my head wasn’t attached to my body, I’d lose that too!” Yeah, me too.

But I will take a deep breath, slow down and remind myself, be kind, treat people well, and ask “What does G-d want?” That’s what I need to remember. 

That’s all. Time for Shabbos! See you next week.

Shabbat Shalom 💞💞

Love, Vivi   ©


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