A Fire!! 😮(and Still Kosher☺️)

Yesterday my kitchen caught on fire.

Well… my stovetop caught fire and I put it out before more damage was done.


My oven and stove are in temporary kitchen jail until they are checked out. That’ll be sometime next week says the apartment rental company.


In my Jewish journey, I had just taken on 30 days of being fully kosher. I had made my home kosher a few years ago, but I ate out at restaurants (fish, dairy and vegetables). It’s a thing. Sometimes people who become kosher start with their home but will eat “un-kosher” out, then switch to kosher home and eating only fish, vegetables, dairy out (no un-koshser meat out), and finally this…. me now… trying it for 30 days – kosher in and out. Period.


There are no kosher restaurants where I live.

Omg. No eating out?!!! 

In any case, I had promised to take my friend out for dinner to celebrate her birthday and a new job. This no kosher restaurants in my area and how much I enjoy eating out? A new conundrum.

With a little negotiation and flexibility, the restaurant agreed: she will order from the menu and I would have coffee and/or drinks (and bring a little food of my own).


That’s when the fire broke out. Cooking a bit of pasta to bring with me to the restaurant… the stovetop caught on fire between the bottom of the pot and the top of the burner.

So Hashem, what are you thinking? I can’t eat out, and now I can’t cook in my home?!

Shabbat To The Rescue

It is Shabbat tonight and I have plans to go to friends for Shabbat meals tonight and tomorrow. 🙂


After this little fire, I called a smart friend who just seems to know about everything, called the apartment maintenance emergency line, AND called the fire department. I asked them to come and make sure everything is safe for now, but please “DON’T put on the sirens.” We agreed this was not an emergency. So, all good for now, just no cooking.

A friend boiled water and made pasta for me….  I will be eating that for several days between Shabbat meals.

I just think it’s a little “funny”

that his happens right when ordering pizza out is not an option.

Well… the big questions are certainly beyond me.

I am actually loving being kosher, in and out. It has brought with it a huge gift… a feeling of peacefulness and rightness. 

Now? I am going to eat some pasta.  😏

I offer a blessing for you to experience peacefulness, health, and always a helping of fun.

Shabbat Shalom 💞

Love, Vivi   © 

Photos: Thank you to  Canva.com!

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