October 7 ביחד “Together”

Dear Readers,

Today our world has seemed to turn upside down.

Israel was attacked on October 7th, innocent men, women, children, babies, elderly, kidnapped, killed, attacked.

Yet many in our world are silent on our hostages. Silent! Calling for Israel to walk away. Leave them there? Accept future horrific attacks as promised by the same people who attacked on October 7th?

We feel a range of emotions: helpless, devastated, afraid, emboldened, horrified, enraged, heartbroken, some feel guilt. It runs the gamut.

What can we DO?

My revered Jewish teachers say we unite. Come together as one Jewish people. Love for our fellow. Whether you are left or right, religious or secular, it doesn’t change we are one family. Chants to lay down our weapons and therefore potentially leave our hostages, our brothers and sisters, to be abused, harmed, killed? It makes no sense to me. Yet just as through the generations, the attacks against the Jewish people made no sense, so it seems now.

This “loving our fellow” is not easy. We disagree about how to be safe, how to be just, about a ceasefire or continuing our war against Hamas, about life and existence itself!

BUT! When H-tl-r, may his name be erased, came upon us, he didn’t care if we were secular, communist, or right wing conservatives. At the end of the day, we ARE brothers and sisters. We CAN and NEED to stand for each other.

My brother? (The one who IS actually the son of my mother!) Our politics are polar opposites. BUT, I know he truly wants good. He believes different people and different things are what will bring good. I also want good. I think he thinks I am completely misguided. Either way,  we work it out to put our political differences aside (though we have gotten into some heated discussions!)

But the truth?  We are brother and sister, we love each other, and each want a just world.

The same for the lot of us. Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah…. they are our great great, great……  grandparents. I choose NOT to be Cain, or Joseph’s brothers who threw Joseph in the pit. Hashem wants us to love his children. I choose to TRY to be like Joseph who BH trusts in Hashem. 

It is hard, but let us work to unite, regardless of how we think we get to a just world.

K’lal Yisrael. We are one.

Love, רָחֵל

* Cover photo from Canvas.com, March for Israel photo thanks to Aura.

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