My Jewish Head Is Spinning

Dear Diary,

I have lived in my house for over 21  years, and I am now going to sell it. “Hurry up! Don’t Hurry up! Make the upgrades! Don’t make the upgrades! These are a few of the comments the realtors are saying.

I am besides myself.

 “A whirling dervish?” That’s what I am.

I can’t concentrate. How can I write?


What I have forgotten?


I’m on that old familiar brambled path which is how I lived for decades. Stress, nerves, anxiety. So familiar.

Funny but I don’t want to leave the brambles. It feels safe. This Path says, “DON’T make a mistake. Figure it out!!! DON’T stop thinking about this. This is URGENT!!!

You have now met UN-Godly Vivi.


Here and now, on the ground..

Dear G-d,

Please help me. I have forgotten you, forgotten purpose, forgotten trust, and how to breathe. I am a bit lost. Help me find my way back to you. Hashem, I give you everything. My fear, my anxiety, this sale, decisions, who, what where, how, when,… my thoughts, words, and actions.

G-d, show me what YOU want…

and grant the strength to please and serve you. 

Every step of the way.

That’s all.

I love you Hashem.

Thank you readers for indulging my spinning.


I hope to be back next week more grounded. 😌

Love, Vivi רָחֵל  ©

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