Messed Up?… Pesach Sheni & Second Chances!

Hello, Shabbat Shalom from beautiful Crown Heights!

I want to share with you something that I learned today.

Today is Pesach Sheni, thirty days after Passover.

Back in the day, one year after the Exodus from Egypt, G-d instructed.the Jewish people to bring a Passover offering that they would eat later that evening. Some people did not perform the mitzvah.

Afterwards, they asked Hashem, please can we get a second chance? And of course what did Hashem do? Create “Pesach Sheni” translated to “Second Passover” giving people the opportunity to observe the mitzvah and bring the offering one month later!

I love this! I certainly make mistakes… and this tells us we don’t need to dwell in our errors. We can get up again (and again). It is never hopeless. No matter how far we may stray from what we know to be right, God wants our return.

He even created this special day just for us.

Shabbat Shalom lovely people.

Love, Vivi  ©

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