I wear a Jewish star necklace now. I always thought I would never wear one. I didn’t think it was useful or appropriate to advertise my religion as one of the first things you see or know about me. Then my son went to Israel and returned home with a beautiful and modest Jewish star for me.

Of course I started wearing it. First of all it was from my son. Second it happens to be gorgeous (and modest!).

Third, now that I started wearing it, I love portraying my love of Judaism. As they say, she wears her heart on her sleeve or in my case my passion on my chest.

Funny to call Judaism my passion. The one time bothersome Judaism, the thing I often wanted to hide. Flattered at one time if people said I didn’t look Jewish, or that I look “Italian” or that they would never think I was Jewish… 

Now, I feel aflamed. Yes I’m a woman, an American, a mother, and many other things. And…I feel lit up being a Jew.

Once I was afraid that if I identified with Judaism, it would pull me apart from my non-Jewish beloved friends and from people in general who had a different religion. The opposite is true. 
Love, Vivi

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Cover Photo courtesy of Kobi, photo of star over blue sky by unsplash.com/@davidholifield

8 thoughts on “DAVID’S STAR

    • Vivi says:

      Yes, our children teach us, and thank goodness! In large part, I started writing this blog based on seeing things from my son’s perspective. Thank you for your thoughts Arlene!

  1. Harriet says:

    Vivi- I loved the story about the Jewish star, I can absolutely relate to it. I always felt it wasn’t professional to wear anything religious, especially something that announced “I’m Jewish”. Times have changed and so have I. Thank you for your enlightening and thought provoking story.

    • Vivi says:

      Thank you Harriet. I am so glad you like and relate to the story. It is liberating to be who I am, who we are. We are many things, and to love all parts of ourselves, especially, a core part of identity, has been an unexpected joy.

  2. Brian says:

    Beautiful Robin! What a wonderful gift.

    I’ve proudly worn my Chai necklace since receiving it from my parents for my Bar Mitzvah. And as you know, it acted as a magnet some 20+ years ago when spotted by my wife!

    Back in college, some guys had asked to borrow the necklace to help them get dates with Jewish girls – but I would never lend it to anyone for such purpose.

    • Vivi says:

      LOLOL!! I love it Brian. Yes I do know! I remember your and your lovely wife’s story well. Such a great story. If you EVER feel like sharing it, please consider sharing it here under the “YOUR STORIES” link. People would appreciate it- so fun and interesting – and now 20+ years later still going strong!

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