JERUSALEM! Falafels, Floods & Flourishing!😮😍

Hello Dear Readers,

Having just returned from four months in Jerusalem where adventures flourish, this post is a catch up. My TWO computers flooded during my (multiple) apartment floods and I had only an old little smartphone to keep in touch with you. Thus, I made several short vlogs. There’s no mention of falafels in these videos but I will tell you of the best falafel place I found in Jerusalem. SHALOM FALAFEL…. Omg, I left Jerusalem armed with THREE of their sandwiches in my flight carry on! There’s your heads up for an ultra cheap and delicious meal when you visit Israel! They also happen to be next door to my favorite laundry mat which I do mention in my videos.

Without further ado, here are the “catch up” videos.

Love, Vivi 💞 ©

p.s. The wonderful school I attended and speak about in these videos is MAYANOT INSTITUTE OF JEWISH STUDIES

Rifka Cohen Durlacher is the wonderful tour guide shown in the Old City video above.

Jerusalem was a complete joy, floods and all. This Jerusalem daily delight? I am on the lookout for it. Inside of me, inside of you. I think it can be found most anywhere. Thank you Hashem.

Love again, Vivi 💞

p.p.s. Thank you to the wonderful MAYANOT INSTITUTE OF JEWISH STUDIES: From their website: “…The name ‘Mayanot’ was chosen, based on the verse, “Let thy wellsprings (Mayanot) be dispersed abroad.” (Proverbs 5:16), and captures the essence of our vision – that our students are gaining a deep and enduring knowledge of their Jewish heritage, including the spiritual dimensions, and utilizing what they have learned at Mayanot to enrich their environment and communities back home.”

Muliti-colored Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon at Unsplash

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