Hell In The Hallway?… Sequel to “My Jewish Head Is Spinning”

“My Jewish Head Is Spinning” continued…  

Hello Friends,

Today will be short, sweet… and choppy 😜.

I am in the process of selling my house (the back story is linked here!) and my focus is bouncing about. The short of it is… I started off excited and happy to start this new chapter in life, then the bottom emotionally dropped out as I prepared to sell my home of 21 plus years. THEN I remembered I had forgotten about G-d. G-d’s now back on the scene and my jitters are down to a whisper. I keep reminding myself, G-d’s got this. He’s leading the way AND he’s bringing up the rear! Have you ever seen the little nursery children holding a rope as they walk down the street? One teacher is in the front and the other in the back? Yeah, when I get nervous, that’s how it goes. I hold onto the rope marching forward with trust that the “teachers” know where we’re going and will catch us if we fall. I just need to keep steady in between.

Which brings me to the quick end of this very short sequel.

Now… I Am In The “Hallway”

Packing boxes, selling things, giving others things away, all the while I am uncertain when my house will sell or where I will land! 

Is it “hell in the hallway” or am I “hanging in space“?

I Choose “Hanging In Space”

The wheels are in motion and I can’t control the outcome so I may as well just relax in the unknown. With nothing solid to stand on, this isn’t quite the luxury penthouse. 

I cycle through trying to figure it all out and then I remember only G-d has the really big picture. Every time I realize I am not the boss, a huge sigh of relief follows.

Taped to my wall for over a decade is one of my favorite meditations. You can see it’s well loved ragged edges.

SUPPOSE we were handed a red pen and an eraser, and told we could rewrite reality. If the storyline wouldn’t look so nice, we could change that. Even if the outcome is what we deserve and what logically follows by our actions, it could still be edited out.

We all have such a pen: Our confidence in G‑d’s kindness. Trust in Him, believe it will be good, and He will make it so.

Is it fair? Is it justified?

Yes. Because if you can trust so strongly, you have already been transformed.”

Isn’t that a lovely little ditty?

Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut – Think Good, It Will Be Good

Love, Vivi רָחֵל 💗  ©

To Be Continued….


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Here for fun is a song by 8th DAY, “TRACHT GUT”!
* Chabad.org, The Daily Dose of Wisdom: “Edit Your World” By Tzvi Freeman. From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman
* Music Video by 8th DAY “Tracht Gut”, Woman in Hammock Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay, Other Photos from Canva.com
* Special thanks to Regina who taught me about hanging in space, the rope and the nursery school kids. 💗

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