Readers have told me they would like more background. For boomers like me, here’s how. On a smart phone, hit the three horizontal lines under the title, “Vivi’s Jewish Adventures”.  WHAT &  WHY  and ABOUT ME will pop up for more information. Credits and helpful links are listed under RESOURCES. You can subscribe at the bottom of any page, or from the SUBSCRIBE tab on the top bar. I’d love to share this journey with you,  It’s free!

Vivi’s Jewish Adventures tells the story of how I came to fall in love with my Jewish roots. My readers are anyone who wants to feel happier in their own roots, whatever those may be. Please come visit – all are welcome!

It rippled:

from others

to me

to you 

and will ripple 

from you 

to others

to other others…  ©

Love, ViviEmoji

p.s. I love your comments. Please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences under ANY post. It would be wonderful to get to know you a bit, and for readers to get to know each other. 💖

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