The JEWISH Story:

(*with American Sign Language translations)

Sit back and relax as Tehilla  takes us through time…  Beginning at the very beginning… Tehilla brings relevance and immediacy to the oldest stories.  Starting with Let There Be Light, Adam and Eve, and The Tree of Knowledge… Torah comes to life. Many of us know these stories, but here is a new look….  a vibrancy that connects these ancient times to 6000 years later. To our 2022 Earth adventures.

Born and raised in Israel, 

and  deeply connected to Israel’s soil and spirit, Tehilla is a sought after teacher of Jewish studies and current events. She is currently teaching at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies as well as the at the Eshel program for Jewish women in the Old City of Jerusalem.

With ASL Translations

These teachings are also interpreted into ASL for Deaf viewers.  You will HEAR Tehilla’s voice while Raquel (that’s me, aka Vivi) interprets  ASL on camera. ☺️💞🤟

And… p.s. Tehilla welcomes all comments and questions!


Buckle up as we circle back in time to…