Happy Chanukah, Shavua Tov, and very soon Laila Tov (good night)!

In keeping with Judaism and health from last week, I am determined to go to bed not too late!

This week of Chanukah has been wonderful AND discombobulating. I got locked out of my apartment for one. Somehow the top lock door guard… this thing:


…  closed on itself while no-one was home. No phone, no car, cold outside…I was just walking home from seeing a friend.

and then…


And the week continued just like that.



The week before, I had been asking myself questions, big questions… about purpose. Really, Hashem, what do you want of me? Keep doing what I’m doing? Writing, interpreting (ASL), making videos about Judaism?

Do something else?

The answer came. 

Don’t worry about questioning big directions right now. Instead? Focus on health. 

That whole not exercising, eating junky food, staying up late like a teenager thing I’ve been doing for several months? It’s time to turn it around.

That’s what Hashem wants.

Then life happens. Growth is not always a straight line. Some days are clear sailing, checking boxes easily, following the plan to  a “T”. Other days… seeming mishaps, feeling off kilter, losing sight of the ball. Regardless of twists and turns, I am staying on course!

So… to that end,  I will say good night.

More stories to come… 

Laila Tov.

Love, Vivi ❤️  ©️

Photos from Canva.com

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