Covid, G-d & What Do I Know?


First of all, yes, this week I’ve had covid. Two negative tests but I’ve had all the symptoms and now have been quarantining for seven days. Thank G-d, I feel better.

It’s been something of a whirlwind week.

Despite the worried face to the right, things are actually going pretty well.

Oy, G-d’s Way Or Mine…

Remember the story from last week where I was nervous about a meeting? This meeting involved exploring work in a new area which is one of my dreams… 

Well here’s what happened… First off the travel experience was something! Six buses, getting lost trying to follow various online walking maps, ending up walking onto a highway 😵 (and hastily retreating  to search for a cab), witnessing a crime (thank G-d everyone is okay), snarling/growling dogs in my airbnb… and more. Oh yeah, and coming home most likely with covid.

There were many sweet people along the way. People who without being asked went way out of their way to help this stranger who couldn’t speak Hebrew. I was touched by the first bus driver who, trying to help me, asked every new passenger if they knew how to get to where I wanted to go!  And I can’t forget the IDF young soldier who walked me to my bus stop just before his mom came to pick him up for his Shabbat night off. All in all, it was an exhausting and delightful blend of immersion in everyday Israeli life.

Nu, How Did The Meeting Go?

Oh my gosh, it went fantastic. If you remember, I was worried about being caught up in my vision, my dreams, albeit my agenda! I remembered to pray, “Hashem, What do you want of me? Please make it clear and give me the strength to do it.” 

Hashem gave me the strength! I learned once again this week both through Chassidus classes and real living that when we have the desire to do G-d’s will and we put in effort, G-d will cover the rest.  I walked into that important meeting and was free.  The natural flow led into truly tuning into their dreams and goals. It just became fun and natural. When we swung around to discuss my ideas, everything I envisioned received a big yes. Of course life will unfold and there is much work to do. I can’t control the results but by continuing to tune into what Hashem wants, the whole paradigm shifts and stress dwindles in the process. The best part is making authentic connections with people along the way.

So What Do I Know?

I will list three things.

1.  “Ani medaberet ketzat ivrit“, which means, “I can speak a little Hebrew”. Ketzat ketzat (very little).
2.  I can speak and interpret between American Sign Language and English.
3. I now know which way I’m facing on Google maps. It depends on which way the wide part of the beam is facing. I learned the hard way. Btw, please don’t take my word on this…this could easily move back into the column of things I do not know.

Thank G-d I am learning the most important thing. Which is…  my true north. This true north is not a physical direction. Nor is it even the common Jewish custom to face East to pray. My true compass is Hashem, pleasing, loving, connecting with… and loving my fellows. Thank G-d I’ve got that straight. Otherwise with my sense of direction, I’d end up on six buses, walking accidentally onto a highway, quarantining with covid… oh wait, I did that!

Well, What do I know?  

Gam zu l’ tova. This too is for the good.


Love, Vivi   ©

P.S. In addition to the dream work I refer to above, writing these stories is a HUGE dream. I LOVE connecting with you. Thank you for sharing your eyes, hearts, and minds as  we trudge the road of living with joy.

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