“But how exactly did you fall in love with being Jewish?”: Recap #3



A TRUE JEW…mini skirts & all: Part 3 of three

Jewish and What in the World did I just do!?

SHABBAT SHALOM From The Car… Week 1:  A few months ago I took the big jump and am now observing Shabbat, a huge change. Friday sundown for 25 hours until Saturday night. Below I’ve linked my first and then more recent mini videos, glimpses into observing Shabbat. The first video  was quickly shot in the car just before my first observant Shabbos. Of course I was rushing.

SHABBAT SHALOM  Week 6:  **Quick Shabbat tip…. One Shabbat observance is that we don’t kindle a flame (lighting or extinguishing) during Shabbat. This is the reason we light the candles BEFORE sundown. Meaning, we also don’t blow out a match! What do we do then? See my one minute video below for  the answer to this mystery. Steep learning curve! 😊🔥😲   

Shabbat has been the biggest adventure so far. These experiences have all been a surprise. I never thought I’d be who I’m becoming. Or who I (we) were all along.

Laila tov,  
Love, Vivi 💖  ©

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