Brand Shiny New Year

1. Eat Healthier

2. Exercise More

3. Go To Bed Earlier

4. Develop/Grow In Professional Skills

5. Tackle Procrastination 

6. Organize

7 – 98. Do Many Great Things…

99. Remember G-d

I’ve been pursuing these worthwhile goals of 1 – 98,
AND running into mishaps. 

Tiny things like the computer dropping all my saved passwords. 

My front door lock malfunctioning and locking us out.

Today? … Finding out that when I had extended my 2021 taxes back in April of 2022…
I had accidentally actually filed them for real!

Now, I need to amend the entire return…

This last  one got to me. Unraveling, I asked myself… How could I make this mistake?! I called the nice IRS agent and grilled him too. How do I fix this??!

As I shook with anxiety, I remembered……. !

Hashem, what do you want of me? 

I’ll try this again.

1 – 99. Remember G-d

99 +… Eat Healthier, Exercise More, etc…

Remembering to remember seems like it would be the easiest thing. I find it hard. My to-do list seems so important; I become wholly distracted by it.

In the midst of this whirlwind, I said to myself over and over – Hashem, I give this to you… What do you want of me?… repeat, repeat, repeat.

Then I remembered, this is NOT so important, this will get taken care of…

This Is Okay

My breathing slows, I send the emails needed to unravel this mess. (Better the mess gets unraveled than me!)

And the day goes on.

I expect something really good..

to come out of these little mishaps. A friend of mine always says, “In G-d’s sweet hands.” Any problem given to G-d, well, we cannot even imagine the good Hashem can weave out of it. When I remember to turn and give it to Hashem.

That said, my oldest son recently took on a Hebrew name (another story, not for now!) Our Rabbi suggested Zachariah, and he went with it.

What do you think Zachariah means?

G-d remembers. 

Whenever I say his Hebrew name, I get just the reminder I need. 

It’s time for sleep. After remembering God, I still need my to-do list. Numbers 99 +…
Laila Tov. 

Love, Vivi  ©

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