Who knew being unabashedly Jewish

was the missing link?!

Hello,   I am Vivi.

I went from hating being Jewish for many years …  to Judaism becoming my source of joy.

Though I didn’t realize until years later, this disconnect from my roots caused much pain in my life. For Jewish people who feel any stirring or recognition of this experience … and for all people who want more connection to their essence, this blog is for you.

Stories about Judaism, belonging, and identity are mixed with antics, spice and laughter to keep it lighthearted and  fun.

My family’s escape from Russia and Poland and my growing up in modern USA with a bit of PG rated “sex, drugs and rock n roll” … start us off.

Then comes the totally unexpected development of trust and belief in a powerful, loving, wise G-d. This interrupted my logical trajectory and led to the equal surprise of falling in love with Judaism.

The result has been the washing away of heaps of anxiety, becoming kinder and more connected to everyone, and a comfort in my own skin that I always wanted but didn’t have. Who knew being unabashedly Jewish was the missing link?!

Perhaps someone feels the same way. No sense of belonging to any Jewish community, no desire…. but… a curiosity… just maybe there’s something there…


I am a mom of two outstanding young men and am passionate about many things including singing, practicing Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense) and not taking myself too seriously. Of course I am passionate about Judaism and Hashem (a Jewish word for God).

All Are Welcome. I genuinely invite you to share your thoughts, experiences and dreams under any post. Agree, disagree … your comments make this worthwhile.

I would love love love to grow, learn together, and hear from you. 💞

Shalom aleichem… peace unto you 
and simcha! 

Love, Vivi 💖  ©

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