The Day After… Now What?!

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchot Torah…


And went.

Now it is back to normal. It’s the year 5783 on the Jewish calendar.


Last night my choir sang at a non-profit event which provides assistance to homeless people. Food, clothing, temporary housing, job seeking assistance…  a wonderful organization.

The keynote speaker was a Reverend from a church involved in their mission.

I loved what he said.

And he emboldened me.

Bull’s Eye

The Reverend made his point crystal clear. 

Paraphrasing the Reverend,

‘Let us not forget, regardless of the specific God of your understanding, we are driven by a deep desire to serve  and do what God wants. It is God that plants, sustains and impassions this desire to love our neighbor.’

This non profit which helps thousands of people with emergency and long term relief, is a SPIRITUAL program. God is at its core. An interfaith program, it is a collaboration between Christians, Jews, Muslims, Secular and more… Thousands of community volunteers deliver food, sort clothing, provide funding and support.


For many years I felt negative, fiercely resistant to the idea of a controlling Kingpin’ .…  you know, God. I looked around at all the pain in the world, both widespread, and the specific pain of my people. I hoped there was no God because at least then there wouldn’t be this seemingly unjust Ruler wielding power.

The long story made short? I have come to love, trust, and believe in God. An all loving, all powerful, all wise God that knows and loves every single hair on our heads. And a God so spectacularly big, he is beyond all words and comprehension. The most precious thing to this God is loving our fellows… the foundation of life.


Back To Routine

So! Now that the Jewish High Holidays have come and gone, what can we keep with us for the rest of the year? Whether we went to Synagogue or not, whether we found it divinely inspiring or not at all relatable, we all share one opportunity.

Emboldened by the Reverend to not shy away or apologize for having faith, I offer that we can seek this connection in our daily lives. Newcomers can take the little tiny baby step of opening their minds, and those already on this road can work towards deeper connections with this Power. 

Speaking for myself…how can I make this daily connection? 

I find just taking a conscious breath and reminding myself,
God is in charge,
I don’t need to worry,
God wants me to love my fellows.

Beyond that?
Further directions will be given as needed!

As I write this piece, I remind myself, I am writing this to connect with God. What else? Nothing more. As in Psalm #65, the first line is…

“Silence is praise for You…”

Love, Vivi  ©

Please feel free to share this or any story any time. 💞

Thank you to…
Tehilla’s Voice On Torah for teaching me about Psalm #65 and silent praise. for always providing me with amazing learning. for their generous provision of photos and the ability to create our own designs.
AND Baruch HaShem for Everything.

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