ADAM SANDLER: Meshugana 2.0

Adam Sandler. I love him. I have lots of reasons. He’s funny, cute, irreverent. Just a “regular” guy. He puts his friends and his wife in his movies, and he seems to have fun doing it. “Happy Gilmore”, “50 First Dates” and “The Wedding Singer” are seamless. Many of his movies are crass. A few are somewhat uneven and don’t quite maintain the flow. I don’t care.

He makes me laugh and smile.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, Adam Sandler is Jewish.

My favorite thing about Adam Sandler is not that he’s Jewish. It’s that he’s Jewish and he makes it a good thing. No self deprecating jokes, no putting his Jewishness down.

Adam Sandler owns it. Refreshing! It gives our little Jewish boys and girls, albeit a crass, but still a Jewish person, not apologetic, having a great time, and relishing it! We don’t have to denigrate ourselves to fit in. We can love being Jewish and be disarmingly funny and proud.

Adam takes Jewishness out of hiding, and shows us how much fun it can be. The world loves it too. I know not everyone does. But I do, and so do millions of others.

Do I have permission to post “The Chanukah song”? I think so. And, as you may guess, I do not own the rights to this video or song. Here it is below. Sing along? I do! It’s a treasure.
Love, Vivi
ps: Below the Adam Sandler official version,  my two sons, Zack and Kobi play a very short rendition of the same at our Shabbos table. Makes me smile ear to ear.  🥰💜🥰   ©

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6 thoughts on “ADAM SANDLER: Meshugana 2.0

  1. Yakkov says:

    Meshugana! Love that guy: Gave us a great Jewish Role Model growing up to watch: That was funny too! And always the cool one in the movies too (Not that that matters).

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