ViVi’s BIO  Thirty three years ago, I embarked on challenging the status quo. Much of my questioning was directed towards my own negative beliefs. It’s been a twisty winding road and surprisingly has led me to fall in love with Judaism. This was not the original goal. It was not even on the plate. However once along the way, I came to experience my religion in a wholly fresh and new way. 

Succinctly, I went from hating being Jewish to adoring and cherishing it. It has become a central light and joy in my life giving me comfort in my skin and deepening my relationships with people of all beliefs. Perhaps something of my journey will appeal to you. 

My audience is anyone who would like to be happier with their Jewish roots. 

Actually, my audience is ANYONE interested in finding more happiness and peace within their own inner core, regardless of their religion or lack of. Friends of various faiths have expressed eagerness to share these writings as they find the principles universal and a link to finding peace in their own skin. 


To get to know each other a little better, here are some little facts about me. I was named for my father’s mother Rebecca (Rivka). Vivi is my hebrew nickname.

I have had several careers: sign language interpreter, full time mom, video producer, writer, among various others: waitress, insurance salesperson, program manager, fast food clerk.

I love to sing and began singing about two years ago after a lifetime of fervently believing, down to my toes, that I could not and could never sing. I found out that’s not true! So as an aside, you too, even if you find the idea of singing impossible, just may enjoy it if you give it a chance. I enjoy food tremendously. I like martial arts (krav maga my favorite), dancing, jokes I get (which is not always the case), good friends, meeting and talking to people everywhere.  

And this is where the blog comes in. 

I look forward to sharing and learning with you.  ©

Love, Vivi

p.s. Your comments are always welcome! Please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences under ANY post. It would be lovely to get to know you a bit, and for readers to get to know each other.