A Personal Letter: Dear….

Dear Friends,

Two years ago I began this blog to reach out to Jewish people who felt distant or even hostile toward Judaism. That was me. The holocaust, pogroms, and persecutions affected Jewish people in many different ways. Unlike some people who continued and even grew their faith in G-d and Jewish pride, others, like me, felt abandoned by G-d and rejected all of it….

And Then Came Children…

When I became a mom, I didn’t want my children to be the ones “left out”. Many children would be going to Church, celebrating Christmas, going to Synagogue, having Passover meals, etc… I wanted my children to have a place to belong. I began a search for a Judaism I could tolerate.

Great things generally take a lot of effort. In this case I took a few small steps and

to my great surprise …

I Discovered A New World!

I never knew Judaism was so beautiful, rich, and even fun!  I found the comfort in my own skin that had eluded me for years. No one was more surprised than me!

Like a reformed smoker, I wanted to share this passion with the world. I wanted otherJews to “embrace their Judaism” and experience the same thrilling ride AND soft feather comfort that I had. Thus I began sharing my personal story…

Here it is … in this link… to date.

Perhaps one other Jew who is distant from G-d and Judaism could also find the truth and comfort I did…

Coming Home

In the process of writing here for two years, my relationship with Hashem and Judaism has changed dramatically. From a former Madonna wannabe, I now chase something else. The thrill is doing my best to follow Hashem’s directions and mitzvahs.

To anyone who has been affected by trauma …
either in their own lifetime
or by trauma that may have passed from parent to child…  
through generations…
perhaps connected to pains our Jewish grandparents, great grandparents, great great … have faced:

I Offer A Blessing….

You are given the strength, grace and wisdom to shake off these constraints and connect to your truest and deepest selves.

That we come together as brothers and sisters accepting our differences and cherishing our connections.

Btw, this is the Jewish year of Hakhel which is the year of unity. When we come together, something beyond our imagination can happen.

What To Focus On Next?  

I’ve completed a cycle sharing my story. I am seeking direction from Hashem and from you. The purpose is the same… to enrich each other’s lives through living Jewishly and to share this light with our friends.

Final Thoughts (for now) 🥰

I recently heard a wise Rabbi share something that made me so happy.

“Home is the place where they always take you in.” I am so thankful I opened my mind a crack giving the wellsprings a chance to overflow… 

May we all find our path home.

Love, Vivi ©
רָחֵל   Raquel
(now going by my Hebrew name)

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