Jews and Friends: 290,000 Strong!

I believe the darkest dark brings the lightest light in Hashem’s hands. When I feel down, this is what I tell myself and I believe it. Sometimes I even joke when I am particularly distressed… “Hashem, you must have something really really good planned because this dark is really bad.” 

Is this what is happening now with the Jewish people?

We know about the horrific events of October 7th. The lost lives, the murders, kidnappings, the unspeakable pain put upon the Jewish people. Hurt also were people of other nationalities and religions who happened to be on Jewish soil in the South of Israel on that tragic day.

To those who lost loved ones or who have friends or family taken, we stand beside you and cry. Still we humbly acknowledge we don’t know the depths of your loss.

We hear the call.

We are now witnessing Jewish unity spreading like wildfire across Israel and worldwide. People are flying TO a war zone to help… instead of fleeing to escape. Children to elderly are doing anything to help… baking cookies, bringing washing machines and portable showers to Israeli soldiers when they can’t get to base, non-kosher restaurants KOSHERING their restaurants so they can feed a religious soldier, Israelis who may have scoffed at Jewish observances just a month ago, now by the 1000’s putting on tefillen, praying, and hugging their Haredi brothers and sisters. The list goes on and on. 

Today America got a taste of this brother and sisterhood.

An estimated 290,000 young and old flew, drove, travelled from all over the United States to show their love and support of Israel and the Jewish people.

The dark is obvious and horrific . 

President Herzog told the crowd of supporters, “… In the State of Israel’s darkest moment you stood up and declared: Hineini, I am here. We are here. There is no greater and more just cause than this…”

These terrible events are bringing us brothers and sisters together. Baruch Hashem. The  peacefulness pervading today’s Pro-Israel rally was a quiet, loud, joyful extravaganza. Police officers said they have never been thanked so much.

We cheered and sang, and danced and listened and cried …


Each kidnapped is our brother and sister. our family, our mishpacha. This is unthinkable and yet it is happening.

Hashem please bring a miracle that all the hostages are immediately free and safe, and Klal Israel knows everlasting peace. .

May we see good news and a light so bright that there is no question the darkest dark has been transformed to light beyond our imagination.

This is enough. I realize this is a big ask. 

Why not?! Ask and pray to Hashem for your most profound and deepest desires.

Love, Vivi   רָחֵל

Photo Credit Rally on the Mall: Aura Skigen. Thank you! 


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