MOVING! Frazzled, Fun-loving & Ferklempt πŸ€ͺ

Hello! I am moving on Sunday morning and it’s 4 hours before Shabbat on Friday! 😳😬πŸ€ͺ. Four hours left to finish up!! Suffice it to say, I am not done packing. I did learn an invaluable lesson in all this which I tell about in this short video.

Shabbat Shalom!! πŸ’ž

Love, ViviΒ 

p.s. Tehilla and Β Jewish History will very hopefully be back next week, as well as my latest… Like getting locked into the storage space last night 😳😱

Spoiler – we got out!

Have a wonderful weekend and I offer blessings for all to have fun, love, health, ease, prosperity, and joy. πŸ’žΒ 

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